English For Marketing

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Objetivos del curso

The Intensive Business English Programme will allow you to improve your English to assist your professional development, reinforce your competences and optimise your language strategies

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Titulados superiores universitarios con experiencia profesional


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English For Marketing (Madrid)


At Madrid School of Marketing we embody academic rigour and forward thinking and our mission is dedicated to contributing developing a new generation of business leaders and entrepreneurs, conducting research not only into the nature of business, but the connections between business and the wider world. In this case Business English is essential being the language for global communication.

BRIEFING English For Marketing
The Intensive Business English Programme will allow you to improve your English to assist your professional development, reinforce your competences and optimise your language strategies.

It will increase your capacity to be able to express your knowledge of business concepts and business activity assertively and with confidence. You should choose this Programme if you would like the disciplined enjoyment and stimulation of improving your English as a goal over a set period of time. The Programme will require dedication and effort in the environment and support provided by a recognised host of business knowledge know-how. The Programme is taught on the main facilities of Madrid School of Marketing, located in the heart of Madrid, where you will be able to benefit from our state-of-the-art facilities, as well as the support teaching.

This is your opportunity to adapt your skills to suit English speaking audiences and deliver the message you want transparently and with confidence.

METHODOLOGY English For Marketing
The course will avoid rote lecturing and seek interactivity and intellectually challenging case discussions, exercises, stimulations, and role-play sessions. Teaching skills in Business English is not merely talking about it; it is providing many good opportunities for participants to practice the Skill and relate it to their own experience and real-world concerns and situations. We will replicate real findings in classroom exercises and real-world cases. Suitably tailored materials will be used throughout the Programme which will mainly focus on your capability to communicate, communication strategies and lexicon strategies through:
• Business English Syllabus
• Presentation
• Case Studies
• Simulations
• Individual assignments
• Team assignments
• Role Plays
• Debates
• Research
• Business Vocabulary

Thought provoking topics will be proposed for debates, such as those related to current business macro and micro environment, current affairs and socio-economic issues. During these debates the correct use of lexical strategies will be strongly encouraged and reinforced while the brainstorm of enriching ideas will take place. The MSM Business English Programme will teach the key skills in ways that will allow you to make the learning count in your job, in your professional career and in your life.

Teaching is intensive with 11 class hours a week. Related assignments will be given to accomplish weekly. The list of additional reading you may benefit from will be recommended and our own Programme glossary containing comprehensive well organised “no time waste” vocabulary and phrases on related topics will be provided. The teaching is focused on group dynamics and ways of interacting to provide constructive feedback and supportive instructions.

Examination is by means of continuous assessment of the assignments for each unit module and individual participation. There are no formal written examinations. Award of the certificate is restricted to those who successfully complete the Programme and all assessment assignments.

Certificates are awarded at pass, pass with merit or pass with distinction.

Requisitos English For Marketing

IELTS 4.5 or IELTS 5.0 or Upper Intermediate equivalent plus experience of business environment. You will be interviewed individually to assess your suitability for this Programme and conduct diagnostic survey of your needs. Please contact the Programme Administrator to arrange for the interview.

HOW TO APPLY English For Marketing
An application form can be downloaded here.

When you accept our offer you agree to the conditions of acceptance. You should therefore read those conditions before accepting the offer. Interview will take place prior to the offer.

Objetivos English For Marketing

This Programme aims to strategically increase your confidence and capability in using English when living in English speaking environment or working in an English speaking environment such as a multinational company, for instance, through focusing on specific business activities and topics in English.

Temario English For Marketing
When you accept our offer you agree to the conditions of acceptance. You should therefore read those conditions before accepting the offer. Interview will take place prior to the offer.

1. Advertising & Publicity
• Market Research
• Road Show
• Peer group
• Press release/ Hot off press
• Flagship Products
• Brand/ Trademarks/ Label
• Generic Terms vs. Singular Occurrences:
• Advertisement – Advertising
• Publication – Publishing
• Data Protection Act
• Plain Language Campaign:
• History, origins, meaning
• Word of mouth (viva voce)
• 2.0
• Digital Technologies

2. Marketing-Sales
• Questionnaire
• Surveys (vs. Polls)
• Market Research
• On the Field
• Pitching
• Peer group and counterparty
• Market Niche
• High Net Worth target
• Marketing Plan
• The marketing plan details your strategy for penetrating the target market.
Key components include the following:
– A description of the company’s desired strategic position
– Detailed description of the company’s product and services offering and potential product extensions
– Description of the company’s desired image and branding strategy
– Description of the company’s promotional strategies
– An overview of the company’s pricing strategy
– A description of current and potential strategic marketing partnership/alliances Business Plan

3. Business Plan
We will walk through each of the core sections of your Business plan, in the structure that investors and lenders want to see, such as for instance,
1. Executive Summary
2. Company Analysis
3. Industry Analysis
4. Customer Analysis
5. Financial Plan
6. Appendix

Debate Lessons English For Marketing
A list of thought provoking topics will be proposed for debates elaborated concretely, relating to current business environment, current affairs and socio-economic issues. These debates lessons will combine the brainstorm of business ideas combined with English Business vocabulary used in practice.

COURSE TUTOR: English For Marketing
Khelga Coopper – BS, Economics and Business Administration (University of Cambridge), MA, Economics and International Relations (University of London, London School of Economics and Political Science). MA, Applied Linguistics (University of London). Khelga developed successful career as financial analyst on the asset management side in Robert Fleming & Co., and later as financial analyst and product and relationship manager for institutional clients in JP Morgan Chase & Co. during 10 years in London and New York. Since 2002 she lectures and delivers tuitions in Business English. She is an expert in socio-economic information, communication, training, and executive language coaching.

Duración English For Marketing

DURATION English For Marketing:
• 8 weeks
• No. of hours: 48

• Starts: week 27/05/2011
• Ends: week 08/07/2011
• Tuition days: week end (Friday /Saturday)

PRICE OF THIS PROGRAMME English For Marketing:
• General price: 840€

English For Marketing

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